Our Sponsors



The Building Societies Association are delighted to  partner with Volition, our chosen conference charity for 2024.

Volition bring together cathedrals, civic leaders, partners and businesses to open up job opportunities for local unemployed people who are Volition volunteers.

Volition identify volunteer roles for unemployed people in partnership with Jobcentre Plus. At the same time they bring a sharp focus to their employability and skills needs, and create a structured pathway to support them back to work. Crucially, they engage employers as partners.

In April 2012, Volition Community volunteer programme was launched by Manchester Cathedral. Starting with just 15 volunteers the programme quickly gained momentum and within their first two years over 100 people had gained a job with their support. Now they have twice as many volunteers each year than when they started and more than 1,100 volunteers have taken part. Volunteers from earlier groups are still around to support and mentor new groups coming in, inspiring them to grasp the opportunity with both hands and achieve their full potential.

Visit volitioncommunity.org for more information, or feel free to make a donation.