Highlights from Liverpool 2023

The beauty of simplicity in a complex world

Robin Fieth, Chief Executive of The Building Societies Association focuses on a number of key themes in his speech 'The beauty of simplicity in a complex world' including governance, regulation and supervision.

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Empowering regulation – helping firms to meet the needs of society

Cooperative finance institutions have played a vital role in providing access to affordable, quality financial services and products to members for decades. But in a crowded and competitive marketplace, and in an unsteady economic environment, smaller financial services players like credit unions and building societies confront increasing pressures. Listen to keynote Rodney E. Hood, Board Member, Immediate Past Chair, National Credit Union Administration.

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Housing in a higher interest rate environment

Andrew Wishart, Senior Property Economist at Capital Economics analysis key issues in the housing market, including the jump in mortgage rates to their highest level in 13 years. He will discusses where interest rates are likely to head from here, how long will the slump in prices and activity last, and how will policy shape the future of home ownership and renting after the end of Help to Buy?

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Liverpool 2023