Grant Parry

Chief Strategy Officer
ieDigital and Connect

Grant Parry is the Executive Vice President of Strategy for ieDigital, Connect FSS and ABAKA, which together form one of the leading digital banking and financial services specialists in the UK, Europe and the United States.

Working closely alongside the CEO, Rami Cassis, Grant’s role is to oversee strategic planning and product marketing alignment as the three firms continue to expand operations across both sides of the Atlantic.

ieDigital, Connect FSS and ABAKA have been providing sophisticated, interactive, and intuitive digital customer services solutions to the UK’s and the US’s leading financial services names for over 20 years. They offer banks, credit unions and building societies, together with other financial services providers such as motor finance specialists and mortgage lenders, some of the most sophisticated, all-encompassing digital functionality solutions available. These include cutting-edge, interactive website functionality, the latest smartphone technology and Artificial Intelligence-generated customer behavioral insights. Such functionality enables clients to encourage high levels of engagement, nurture trust and develop valuable, long-lasting relationships with customers.

Grant has 34 years of experience in the financial technology market. He worked with Fiserv and other industry leaders before founding Connect in 2007 as a US-based digital banking company focused on the US credit union industry. He joined ieDigital when Connect was acquired by ieDigital in September of 2023. This was followed by the acquisition of ABAKA, the Artificial Intelligence recommendation engine platform, in January 2024. ABAKA uses machine learning and behavioral segmentation to predict which products, such as banking products, savings accounts, or retirement solutions, are the most likely to be of interest to financial services consumers.

All three companies have now combined as the financial services sector continues to experience high demand and growth across the UK and the US.

Grant Parry :

How can mutual organisations collaborate on technology?

Thursday 9 May 2024 11:10 - 12:15

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