Highlights from Manchester 2018

Themes for today’s Boards

In the Manchester sunshine at this year’s BSA Annual Conference, the BSA's CEO, Robin Fieth took the opportunity to set the theme by talking about seven topics for all our Board agendas.  Here he continues a number of those themes.

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The power of purpose

Joe Garner, CEO of Nationwide explores the power of social purpose in business and how this guides Nationwide Building Society. He discusses what this means in the context of some of the challenges facing society today.

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Cyberattacks: Forget making them less likely, it’s
about reducing the impact of an attack

Following his presentation at the conference, Professor Carsten Maple, Director for Cyber
Security Research, WMG, University of Warwick talks to us about reducing the impact of a cyber attack.

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Diversity by design at the BSA Conference

Fresh from speaking at the BSA Annual Conference, Simon Fanshawe OBE, Partner, Diversity by Design, delves into his approach to organisational diversity.

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Manchester 2018