Location: Exchange Auditorium

Conferenence plenary sessions

UK Savings Week: building financial resilience

Come and hear new perspectives on building households’ financial resilience: fresh research on the links between savings and wellbeing, how the specific challenges facing different groups in society can be overcome, and how we can help the nation to get into the savings habit.

Navigating operational resilience: are you operationally resilient enough?

In this panel Q&A session, consultancy firm Protiviti and law firm TLT and one of the BSA’s building society members will discuss the practical implementation of Operational Resilience and how firms can take it from a box ticking exercise to culturally imbed it into their organisations. Topics will include regulatory developments, technological innovations, industry shifts, and explore proactive approaches being…
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Strategies for supporting UK first-time buyers

Building on the BSA’s research on first-time buyers, the panel will consider what needs to change to help lenders better support those looking to buy their first home. Panellists will be discussing the role regulators and government can play, the opportunities for the building societies sector and how products and technology support first-time buyers.