Stuart Young

Managing Director
Etive Technologies

Stuart Young is the founder of Etive and has been involved in developing identity trust schemes since 2013. In 2013 Etive worked with the Government Digital Service and local authorities on an assured digital identity scheme for thin file people through the GOV.UK/verify scheme. As part of this, Etive developed the first unique secure digital personal data store, or digital wallet as we now call them, called a Digital Log Book®, which enabled a person to manage, control and share their identity credentials with their local authority and Dept. Work & Pensions as part of their Universal Credit claims.

In 2019 Etive started developing a digital identity trust scheme for the home buying and selling sector, known as MyIdentity®. MyIdentity® is aligned with the DSIT’s (Dept Science, Innovation & Technology) Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework and is the recognised industry standards for carrying our customer identity verification and anti-money laundering checks of home buyers and sellers, supporting all transactions from new home builders, estate agents through legal, financial brokering and mortgage lending. The MyIdentity® standards are delivered via an ‘Overlay Scheme’. This includes the requirements laid down in the Government’s Trust Framework, including the requirements for governance and the certification of the various parties involved in creating the identity. This places the scheme and standard within the Government-backed identity framework, which provides confidence to relying parties and service providers.

Stuart Young :

Digitising the house buying process – could technology make a 20-minute house sale a reality?

Thursday 4 May 2023 14:00 - 15:10 ,

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