Steph Alston

Agile Coach
Skipton Building Society

Steph has worked in the financial service sector for over 15 years, with a number of these roles focusing on increasing knowledge and skills of colleagues through behavioural change. Having worked with Skipton Building Society for the past 4 years, her mission is in changing the fundamental DNA of Skipton Building Society by working with people to change their mindsets (systems thinking) and behaviours (servant leadership) to unlock potential that will help them rewire core-enterprise wide processes to create value for their members and colleagues. She is passionate about working to shift the perspective that things exist in a linear and structured way, to a dynamic, chaotic and interconnected array of relationships and feedback loops. With a strong understanding everything is connected and she aims to help others decipher the way people and things interact with each other, to understand how they influence each other and begin to untangle complexity in order to create innovative, interconnected solutions.

Steph Alston :

Agile leadership to drive digital transformation

Thursday 4 May 2023 14:35 - 15:10 ,

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