Poppy Trowbridge

Broadcaster and Journalist
Broadcaster and Journalist

Poppy Trowbridge is a columnist for The Times and The Guardian and served as special adviser and Director of Communications to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, from 2016 to July of 2019.

Previously Poppy worked as a highly respected broadcast correspondent specialising in business and politics. As a journalist working for some of the world’s most influential networks including Sky News and Bloomberg she covered many of the UK’s most significant business and economic stories of recent times. Poppy Trowbridge’s most recent broadcast role was as Consumer Affairs Correspondent for Sky News. Her previous position with the group had been as Business and Economics Correspondent. Previously, as banking correspondent for Bloomberg, Poppy covered bonds, currency and stock markets, European mergers and acquisitions, and banking news.

Global news organisations including International Herald Tribune, The Irish Independent, The South China Morning Post, Australia’s Sunday Morning Herald, and the Financial Times feature or cite her reports.

Extensive interviewing skills, multi-lingual capabilities, in-depth insider knowledge of government, and high-level presentation skills make Canadian-born Poppy Trowbridge an expert presenter, keynote speaker, moderator, or host, for business or political webcasts and events.

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