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Lord Finkelstein (journalist and politician).
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Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE

columnist and Associate Editor
The Times

Daniel Finkelstein is a columnist and Associate Editor of The Times, responsible for the digital edition. He is also a member of the Lords and an advisor to the Conservative Party.

Danny began his career as Chair of the Young Social Democrats, a group of whom went on to join the Conservatives. After serving as director of a Westminster think tank focusing on social policy, he became a political advisor to John Major and then William Hague, and was awarded an OBE. He has since aligned himself to modernisers like Cameron and Gove.

Following a brief spell in data communications, Danny joined The Times, started their blog and worked his way up to the leader columns. He also writes a highly regarded and very distinctive statistics-based football review, and pens regular columns for The Jewish Chronicle.

As a prominent commentator, Danny’s talks provide a sharp and entertaining insight into the political scene. He originally likened the Coalition to American college fraternities: “The more humiliating, the more people wanted to join.”

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