Kieran Rose

Owner, Consultant, Trainer and Writer
The Autistic Advocate

With a Professional background in Education and SEND, Kieran Rose is a campaigner for rights, equality and equity for Autistic people. He was diagnosed Autistic in 2003 and has various co-occurring conditions. He is a married Father of three children; two Autistic and one Neurodivergent, with varying support needs.

He is an International Keynote Public Speaker, who also delivers online webinars and seminars and has guest lectured at Universities across the UK.

Kieran’s writing about Autism is available on his website, which has been read by over a million people; He has also had articles published in various publications, most recently The Institute of Leadership and Management’s Edge magazine.

Kieran delivers his own bespoke Autism training and is a specialist Consultant for, among others, the North East Autism Society, Durham Constabulary, Addictions UK, FIGS UK, Operation Diversity, Launchpad HR and Lingotot. He has also consulted on research papers with Psychologists at a number of Universities.

Kieran is Managing Director of Infinite Autism, a Social Enterprise which develops strategic partnerships with other Third Sector and socially conscious organisations to provide support to Autistic people and their families.

Kieran is an Executive board member of SLP Neurodiversity Collective, a US-based international non-profit lobbying organisation and network made up of Neurodiverse positive Speech and Language Therapists. He is also Founder and Chair of The Autistic Cooperative, an International Network and lobbying non-profit organisation for Autistic-led Advocacy organisations and Professional Autistic Advocates.

Lastly, Kieran is co-creator of #TakeTheMaskOff, a Social Media campaign with a reach of over 5 million people, aimed at creating an online resource and raising public consciouness of Autistic Masking.

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