Katharine Harrison

Co-Founder and VP Platform Services
Digital Building Services

Following the announcement made by the Net Zero Banking Alliance in April 2021 Katharine and Colin Calder co-founded Digital Building Services (DBS) and its wholly owned subsidiary RetroGreen Limited.

DBS provides specialist residential energy efficiency modeling and advisory services to mortgage providers, lenders and brokers while Retrogreen delivers more energy efficient homes for consumers. The founders have teamed up with TrustMark to provide homeowners and landlords with a new experience when designing and implementing their home improvement plan. Their state of the art software can create a digital replica of a home enabling lenders, homeowners and landlords to understand the costs, carbon impact and overall benefits of applying different energy efficiency measures – anything from Solar PV on the roof to underfloor heating with a heat pump. Their qualified employees guide consumers through every step of the journey from initial design, selection of tradespeople to project completion. Their services come with all the protections provided by a TrustMark Registered Business.

Katharine previously worked at PassivSystems for almost 10 years and was pivotal in building out their asset management platform for domestic solar PV as well as their end to end consumer service for delivering heat pumps at scale.

Prior to moving to the energy sector, Katharine worked in the financial services industry for both Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, where she qualified as a financial advisor.

Katharine Harrison :

Designing a green mortgage and retrofit process: What solutions are right for my business?

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