Andrew Sutton

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Sero’s Co Founder and Director of Design & Innovation is a chartered architect, past president of the RSAW, and past chair & founder of the Design
Circle. Before Sero, Andy was Associate Director for the BRE for almost a decade, with a dozen years as a practicing architect at Gaunt Francis Architects.
Amongst other activities, he is active on the Welsh Government’s “Decarbonisation of Existing Homes” and “Innovative Housing Programme”
steering groups. Just don’t remind him he was once also chair of the Concrete Society!

Andy spends time out of work with his wife and ‘furry family’ (that’s cats and dogs, not especially hairy children!), and trying to find the time to keep up with
friends and family. He occasionally tries to find time to read a good book, which he enjoys though it rarely lasts very long! The secret to winning Andy over is
almost certainly befriending hedgehogs, though striking up conversations about “Iron Man” also works…

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