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Presentations from leading suppliers

Wednesday 8th May 2024, Seminar Theatre in the Exhibition Hall 13:10 – 13:45 Andrew Lloyd, Chief Customer Officer (UK), Pexa Jerry Mulle, UK Managing Director, Ohpen Andrew Burlison,  SVP of Sales, EMEA, Inbenta Chris Ansara, Founder & CEO, docStribute LendingMetrics 15:25 – 15:45 Paul D’ambra CEO and Joint Founder, Consectus Gavin Kirkman Account Executive, Aqua Global Ian Merlino, Head of…
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UK Savings Week: building financial resilience

Come and hear new perspectives on building households’ financial resilience: fresh research on the links between savings and wellbeing, how the specific challenges facing different groups in society can be overcome, and how we can help the nation to get into the savings habit.

Data-driven evolution: transforming building societies in the digital era

This panel discussion will explore how building societies are leveraging digital processes and data to revolutionise all parts of their operations from finance and HR to front end processes like mortgages. Building societies Coventry and Melton and Enterprise Management Cloud provider Workday will be discussing how innovative technologies are reshaping the landscape of building society operations and driving enhanced efficiency,…
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In conversation with Robin Fieth

Following on from his keynote presentation delegates will have the opportunity to ask Robin questions on key points from his session.

Navigating operational resilience: are you operationally resilient enough?

In this panel Q&A session, consultancy firm Protiviti and law firm TLT and one of the BSA’s building society members will discuss the practical implementation of Operational Resilience and how firms can take it from a box ticking exercise to culturally imbed it into their organisations. Topics will include regulatory developments, technological innovations, industry shifts, and explore proactive approaches being…
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The future of savings

In some ways savings accounts are the same as they’ve always been: a place where members can store their money and let it grow. But how might technology offer new ways to serve savers? How can we reach new savers and interact with them in innovative ways as they go about their lives? Can we use savings to help build…
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How well do you understand the impact of climate change on risk management? Exploration and advancement of climate risk analytics for the building society sector

In this session, we will look at the role of climate and environmental risk analytics for finance and introduce the work of the UK Centre for Greening Finance (CGFI). As well as this, we will look at the recent Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario (CBES) exercise of the Bank of England, which CGFI supported, and what we have learned from this….
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Decarbonising housing: taking stock of the green home retrofits

The panel will discuss progress that has been made in tackling the challenges of upgrading the UK’s housing stock, including the development of an end-to-end customer journey. They will also discuss challenges that still remain and the role that building societies can play in supporting their member on that journey.