Highlights from Newcastle Gateshead 2016

Branch transformation

We were fascinated by the presentation on branches, design and digital by Barnaby Davis from Nationwide. It’s clear that many consumers react better and trust those with a physical branch presence. Apparently for Nationwide a nine-mile radius is optimum for best customer engagement – outside this magic circle even digital engagement reduces. Clearly branch and digital is not an either or solution. Nationwide is finding that a homely feel in a branch, coupled with technology delivers maximum customer satisfaction – a driver of trust.

A US perspective

There was a real transatlantic feel in Gateshead, as we welcomed Thomas J Curry, US Comptroller of the Currency, an independent bureau of the US Treasury. Mutuals are big in the US and Comptroller Curry discussed the challenges and opportunities facing mutual savings associations in the US and building societies in the UK. He outlined some innovative thinking that the office of the comptroller of the currency is doing to help community banks in the US remain a vibrant part of the banking system capable of meeting the needs of the consumers, businesses, and communities they serve with diversification and collaboration on non-competitive issues high on his list.

Speaker insights

How do you mobilise your people to capture the hearts and minds of your customers?

With years of experience leading and inspiring fantastic customer service initiatives for some of the highest profile events and organisations, including Virgin Atlantic and London 2012, we took a moment to interview Linda Moir at the conference, following what can only be described as an exceptional speech.
This is what she had to say…

Cyber security – an inevitable consequence of the interconnectedness of everything

With the increase in ‘digital’ and just the sheer cyber interconnectedness of everything comes significant reward, but greater and different risks. Richard Horne, a Partner at PwC specialising in cyber security showed that having a response plan that spans legal & regulatory; customer and communications as well as the IT stream is essential.
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Economic assessment: continued turmoil for the rest of 2016 and ahead?

Remembering that the macro-economic environment was the top threat in Banking Banana Skins 2016, we enjoyed hearing Professor Trevor Williams expound on the question ‘will the turmoil continue for the rest of 2016 and ahead?’ providing an incisive assessment of the economic environment - the prospects for savers and borrowers, plus of course lenders and deposit takers?
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NewcastleGateshead 2016

Thanks to all our delegates, exhibitors, speakers and sponsors for making the conference so successful.