Location: Whittle Room

Savings for life

The importance of saving is well known. Short-term, regular saving helps people build resilience to cope with life’s ups and downs and has been shown to engender well-being and good mental health. Longer-term, of course, savings during working life help finance income in retirement. So, why are so many people failing to save enough and what can building societies and…
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Operational resilience

The publication of “Building the UK financial sector’s operational resilience” in autumn 2018 has pushed this subject straight onto the agenda of every Board of very regulated firm. This session will explore the management issues for our sector arising from the supervisory authorities proposed requirements and suggest some options for working collaboratively to address some of these challenges that our…
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New models in banking: The impact of digitalisation

An exploration of the changing landscape facing financial institutions, the opportunities and challenges presented by cloud-based solutions and the benefits that can be achieved as a result of successful digital leadership, as illustrated by a real-life case study featuring Yorkshire Building Society.

Housing for all: realistic possibility or pipedream?

Whether an aspiring owner-occupier, private renter or social tenant, affording suitable housing is becoming increasingly challenging. This session will cover the affordability challenges in housing across tenure, identifying the biggest barriers to entry, security of tenure and what building societies and others can do overcome the challenges

A glimpse of our AI future

Across the economy start-ups are using machine learning to disrupt incumbents. At the same time, incumbents are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate processes and increase productivity. China is challenging the US for AI supremacy. Self-driving cars may soon over-turn a century-old model of urban transport and disrupt the car and oil industries. Digital platforms and challenger banks are…
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