InCol Intelligence©

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Founded in 2014, InCol is a fintech wholesale solutions business. Through its analytics platform, InCol provides interactive management information, analytical and integrated ESG reporting, designed to meet the individual needs of a mortgage lender’s multiple stakeholders. InCol Intelligence© can now seamlessly access and join external datasets, such as flood plain analysis, energy ratings, automated valuation model (AVM), amongst others to a client’s legacy data.

In summary InCol has developed an innovative way of drawing critical loan data from internal and external sources into one holistic view. This allows a lending institution’s C-suite and subject matter experts in lending, risk management, treasury, collateral management, compliance, sales, and marketing to perform a rapid and reliable risk assessment across the business or against a specific loan portfolio.
The platform’s improved capability allows for the upload not only of mortgage completions but also applications, approvals, and rejections allowing for pipeline management by the user. It also has the capacity to portray data to external counterparts such as funders, investors, central banks via separate log-in access. This allows the platform to be used in managing collateral for forward flow agreements, securitisations, covered bonds and where collateral is pledged to central banks. InCol currently uses the BoE template as a data source and has also developed the capability of using an API to ascertain data from more sophisticated clients.